Recruiting senior leaders for commercial and technical roles in the life science sector

Recruiting senior leaders for commercial and technical roles in the life science sector


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Our purpose is to re-shape the life science recruitment process and more closely fit talent and new roles, driving improved business performance and increased staff retention

Our Values


We are not like other recruiters in that our founder, Dr Ben Jackson, is highly experienced in the life science industry, having occupied technical, commercial and leadership positions for many of the leading brands, and better understands what qualities and skills these employers are looking for


How well does your current recruiter know you?  We prefer to get to know our clients better than other agencies, on a more personal level and to take the time to develop a deeper understanding of their achievements, strengths, skills, personality and career aspirations


How hard is your current recruiter working to find your next role?  Jackson Partners represents a more select range of senior-level and C-suite clients, so we have extra time to develop more detailed client profiles – and spend longer prospecting for each of them.


Have you ever been frustrated at the lack of ambition from your recruiter?  Rather than bring you the roles that match your current profile, we’ll dedicate ourselves to showcasing your talent in a way that better supports you to take that next step in your career.

Our Vision

We take a novel approach to talent acquisition, and pride ourselves on having a deeper understanding of the life science industry.  Our vision is to become the recruiter of choice for all top-tier companies and senior leaders in the life science industry.

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